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Our history

The business was started in 1958 by Emilio Rossi, Andrea's father. With the passage of time, the salon has traveled an evolutionary path that takes into account, above all, the image linked to current work trends, which give it " different styles and methods, but with the main characteristic of young taste ".

Andrea, stylist and hair designer, wants to maintain naturalness and practicality during all phases of his work.

In his creations he essentially deals with image, fashion and, in his continuous research, he focuses on the personalization of style for each client, always keeping in mind the characteristics of each individual personality.

The philosophy of Andrea Rossi and his staff is to " create with the hair " an image aimed at enhancing the natural beauty of women and / or men. Sculpting the hair so as to obtain singular shapes and colors, through solutions of lines and reflections, exploiting sizes, volumes and spaces with a fantasy that always agrees with the needs expressed by the customer.

In 2018 he opened the first franchise store of his brand.

Our watchwords are: ELEGANCE and NATURALNESS

Who we are

andrea rossi.jpg

Andrea Rossi

Born in Milan on 25 October 1971.

Master of art at the SASMA academy in Milan and stylistic training at the Vidal Sasson Academy in London. He has achieved several professional courses related to the techniques of color cutting, harvests, bridal hairdressing and finishing techniques.

Emilio Rossi e Moglie.jpeg

Emilio Rossi

Father of the current owner.

Founder of the shop in 1958.

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